Morocco desert trips

Morocco desert trips

It’s a natural thing for Moroccans to be included in anything that involves hospitality and spending a wonderful time in Morocco. Morocco desert trips started out with the sole purpose of providing such hospitality, and thanks to the founder of Morocco desert trips, you’ll have nothing but an amazing and a relaxing time filled with surprises and fulfilling activities.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing time away from the rush of the city, or you’d like to experience the hustle with a Moroccan flavour, Morocco desert trip has it all covered. Our team of specialist tour designers combined their love for tours and their natural hospitality to create fun and unwinding tours.

Morocco desert trip was founded by Amine El Ouazzani, and both Amine and his team ensure the smooth sailing of the tours in Morocco.

With its main office in Marrakech, Morocco desert trips will answer all of your questions about Morocco and the fun you could have in here. We’ve been in the tour business for far too long to know its ups and downs and use them to our advantage, and more importantly, to your advantage.

At Morocco desert trips, we know how a good unwinding tour can affect your mood. So we’re here to take care of that and only offer you the best, from hotels and riads you’ll be staying in, to deliciously cooked food that you’ll love to taste again.

In the tour business industry, the partners you choose, have a huge impact on your company, and on your clients, and we’re well aware of that. So for that reason, we cherry pick our partners and we’ve partnered up with the best to provide a flawless journey for our clients.

Many of our previous clients stated that they have spent a wonderful time when touring with Morocco desert trips, and those kinds of statements only make us strive more and to constantly try and better our company.

Who better to plan your trip for you, than a local company with a local founder, and tour designers that breathe Morocco. With Morocco desert trips, you’ll experience Morocco from a local’s perspective, and you’ll visit key spots that are only known to locals.

With Morocco desert trip, you’ll be picked up on arrival, transferred to your accommodation and be treated like royalty when you’re outside exploring Morocco. English-speaking tour guides and the friendliest drivers are the people who are going to make you fall in love with Morocco, the hospitality certainly has an added value and feeling welcome while you’re having fun only makes the journey much more enjoyable.

Our history, expertise, and love for this gorgeous country always gives us that little ‘oomph’ and energy to perfectly execute every trip and make it ten times more amusing. See Morocco from a Moroccan’s eyes and truly, and genuinely explore Morocco with Morocco desert trip.