terms and conditions

<h1>terms and conditions</h1>


When you book a Marrakesh Desert Trip by Travel Design (herein referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’) you acknowledge that you and all other persons using our services accept these conditions. Pursuant to a booking made by you.

Payments and Booking Procedures

Once you accept the quoted price and itinerary, we will provide you with an invoice with details. It will also include a detailed itinerary. Upon receipt of 25% deposit of your total invoice, your booking will be confirmed. Please note that we accept payments via MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer, and PayPal. For your information, payment timings are as follows –

  • Initial deposit of 25%;
  • An email reminder will be sent to you 4-weeks prior to your travel date, at which time a further 25% of the total invoice must be paid;
  • The remaining 50% can be paid either in-person when you meet your tour guide or at any time prior to your travel date.

Alterations to Your Booking     

Marrakesh Desert Trips will endeavour to complete all booking arrangements with no additional charges. However, we ask that you note that it may not be feasible to travel within 15 days of your start date. Should you require any alterations to your booking, please contact us at your earliest opportunity. Your request must be in writing. As stated, we will do everything in our power to accommodate the alterations. But, we can offer no guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever the changes are not possible, you have two options: continue with your original arrangements, or cancel your tour and pay any applicable cancellation fees. Please see below for details.

Our Cancellation Policy     

Should you wish to cancel your travel arrangements please contact us as soon as possible. You will need to confirm your instructions in writing. The number of days before the start date of your travel will determine the applicable cancellation charges. See below –

  • 25% (first deposit) for more than 21 days’ notice;
  • 50% for between 11 and 20 days’ notice; and
  • No refund for less than 10 days’ notice.

Our Rights under ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’

We reserve the right to cancel your tour or excursion. In case certain unforeseen circumstances arise. In such an event, we will refund to you any sum already paid to us, including the deposit. However, we will not be liable to pay any additional compensation to you. ‘Unforeseen circumstances’ may include, but are not limited to, terrorists, riots, war, fires, nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions, and others.

Special Requests         

You must provide special requests relevant to your booking, such as wheelchair assistance, dietary, medical, or other requests, in writing. You must provide your request prior to your booking finalisation. We will pass this information to our vendor partners. They will ensure you and your party an enjoyable and safe experience. We will advise in writing prior to the completion of your booking should we be unable to meet any such requests. At all times we will endeavour to accommodate your requests, such as hotel locations, bed configurations, and so on. However, we will not be responsible for compensation in case we weren’t able to fulfil your requests.


It’s important to point out that we do not provide any insurance. It remains as your responsibility to obtain appropriate travel insurance. It’s our recommendation that you always travel with insurance to cover baggage loss, cancellations, illness, delays, and so on.

The Responsibility of Marrakesh Desert Trips

Should any part of your travel arrangements be deemed not of reasonable standard or not as described per your booking, Marrakesh Desert Trips will accept liability. Unless Marrakesh Desert Trips and/or our vendor partners are not at fault. In case we are, we will pay reasonable compensation. This will be limited to the maximum amount paid to us for that portion of your travel arrangements. At no time whatsoever will we assume any responsibility for illness, damage, personal injury, loss, or death incurred during your trip.

Travel Documentation

It is the sole responsibility of tour participants to ensure possession of valid travel documents prior to your tour departure date, including Visa requirements and a Passport that’s valid for six months prior to entering the country.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Marrakesh Desert Trips is responsible for ensuring proper security measures. These measures are to protect private and confidential information that you provide to us during the booking procedure. We will use this information to complete your travel arrangements, such as accommodation and other third-party vendors. Any disability, whether medical or dietary, will be shared with participating vendor partners. It is simply to ensure you enjoy a safe and memorable trip. You consent to this information being passed on to relevant persons by making a booking with Marrakesh Desert Trips.


If for any reason you deem the service you receive from Marrakesh Desert Trips to not be satisfactory, we ask that you contact your guide/driver or hotel immediately. Rest assured, that we will make efforts to resolve the issue. Alternatively, please contact Marrakesh Desert Trips in writing with details of your complaint.