Marrakech camel ride around palm trees

Marrakech camel ride around palm trees

This is a fabulous excursion “Marrakech camel ride“. It’s specifically for those wishing to experience a genuine camel riding adventure; at Marrakesh Palmeraie. Located just outside the city. Let’s face it, you can’t travel to Morocco without enjoying a camel-riding experience, so this excursion is for those with a limited time-frame who would love to experience camel riding but simply don’t have time to enjoy one of our desert tour adventures which includes camel trekking.

For this Marrakech camel ride excursion, our driver will pick you up from your hotel or other accommodation. Then, they will take you on a memorable two-hour camel trek; in an area of awesome beauty. Also known as the Marrakesh Palmeraie. You’ll experience a true desert oasis. So, make sure that your cameras are ready to go; because the scenery here is simply spectacular. In fact, the photographic opportunities on this two-hour camel ride excursion are endless. You’ll camel-trek through beautiful palm trees and travel on golden desert sands; you’ll experience a real oasis and enjoy a backdrop of the High Atlas region with its snow-capped mountain tops. This truly is a fun, adventurous experience.

Included in your tour around the Marrakech Palmeraie is free pick up from your hotel, transport to the Marrakech Palmeraie, a fun-filled adventurous camel ride through the unimaginable beauty of this region, a welcome break where you’ll be served delicious mint tea, plus an opportunity to have your photo taken while riding a camel.

Safety, care, and joy.

You’ll be guided on this excursion by our professional camel guide, who will escort you for the entire two-hour trip around the oasis. You’ll pass through fascinating old villages, be in awe of the mass of palm trees growing in the arid desert sands, and you’ll experience such calm and peacefulness that you’ll probably want to repeat the excursion the very next day!

Once your two-hour camel ride is over, our driver will escort you back to your hotel or other accommodation in Marrakesh.

A Brief Outline of  Your Marrakech camel ride around palm trees.

  • This Marrakech camel ride starts and ends in Marrakesh;
  • We have two daily departure times for this excursion: 10 am and 2 pm;
  • This camel-riding excursion has daily departures. A minimum of two people.
  • The cost, per adult, of your Marrakech camel-ride excursion is €27: please contact our office for group discount pricing for 7-or-more people
  • Children under the age of 12 receive a 50% discount;

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Marrakech camel ride around palm trees highlights:

  • This is a truly magnificent two-hour excursion where you get to explore the Marrakesh palm groves whilst riding a camel;
  • You’ll see local Berber villages and experience their lifestyle.
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What’s Included in Your Marrakesh Camel Ride Excursion Around the Palm Trees

  • Our driver will pick you up from your hotel or other accommodation and take you to the Marrakesh Palmeraie, and will return you back to your accommodation on completion of the excursion;
  • You’ll experience an awesome two-hour camel tour of the Marrakesh Palmeraie;
  • You’ll be escorted by our experienced camel guide on this excursion;
  • You’ll enjoy a refreshing break with mint tea.

What’s NOT Included in Your Marrakesh Camel Ride Excursion Around the Palm Trees

  • Water (please bring your own, plus a hat and sunscreen)
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Marrakech camel ride around palm trees